Oxygen (new title and cover)

Oxygen  (new title and cover)

Millie Hunter wants to leave Earth and escape the pain of her broken heart. By freakish luck and playing the few strings that she’s got available to her, she gets on a space shuttle going deeper into space than any human has ever been before. Heading for the stars and the new frontier, she counts herself lucky and is relieved to get away.

   Onboard the spaceship she meets Kurt, who’s a different kind of guy than the types Millie’s used to. Kurt is a fellow crew member who shows considerable interest in Millie, and yet leaves Millie unsure of his intentions. It doesn’t take long before Millie feels helplessly attracted to Kurt – but how can she trust her own instincts that have let her down in love before?

   Getting closer to the new frontier in space, Millie discovers that there’s a conspiracy holding Earth in an iron grip, controlling and suppressing mankind. Her life is suddenly in danger, and soon she finds herself all alone and left to die on an alien planet, and her oxygen supply is running low…

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